Steak-tastic! (Kinda)

In an effort to chow down on more local produce, we signed up for Planet Organics last weekend and the first box arrived today. We got the requisite seasonal veggies, and they were delicious. Started dinner with a Deep Flame Lettuce salad with local tiny tomatoes and Pt. Reyes blue cheese. The lettuce was more fibrous, more masculine than regular romaine or red leaf. Nice. But the steak was sort of a mixed bag. PO has grass fed, organic steaks from Organic Valley in Wisconsin. Not local, to start. And for the price, said Mister Steak (who prefers to go by Peter Pâté), he wanted to get a, um, a certain sexual favor. None were forthcoming from the filet mignons that got delivered this morning, but they were delicious nonethless. Buttery, and a bit vanillaey and velvety and really lovely.

Originally, I was toying with the idea of getting everything delivered from PO. You can get cheese and bread and so forth, but it's just too expensive to go that route. The Strauss organic butter is almost twice as much as a the store, and while PO delivers raw milk, one of its major selling points, my local Whole Foods now has it for about half the price. (That said, the idea of getting a gallon of raw delivered every Thursday is . . .compelling.) Also, the eggs they have are the standard Clover organic eggs. We can do better than that.

So I think I'll keep getting the veggies - enforce the local/seasonal aspect of our meals -- but not the other (better) stuff that I can easily get elsewhere. In some ways, PO seems to be the CSA equivalent of Whole Foods -- not a cure-all, but a good start. Has anyone had other experiences? Anyone know of a good NoCal grass/organic beef producer? Egg recommendation?

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