Non-profit community land trusts: preserving organic farms from the ground up

Richard Huff tipped me off to a grassroots movement to preserve farmland and promote organic farming.

PCC Farmland Trust logoPCC Farmland Trust, a non-profit land trust and wholly separated entity founded by Puget Consumers Co-op Natural Markets, purchases land to be set aside for organic farming. The trust currently owns four farms in Washington totaling 532 acres. The farms are dedicated to organic farming and also used for wildlife preservation and agricultural education. The Farmland Trust recently sold part of the Ames Creek Farm to local farmers to be “used as organic farmland in perpetuity.”

The Ames Creek Farm is 40 minutes from downtown Seattle. Preservation of the farmland will provide local organic products, saving on the cost of transporting organics to consumers, and will help contain the kind of urban sprawl that has blighted the San Francisco Bay Area and Boise, Idaho. (I’ll be heading to Idaho later this week to visit family and the site of my grandparents’ former farm.)

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