Eat More Sugar (honestly)!

The Atlantic‘s Corby Kummer has a nice essay on Honest Tea and the small victories it has seen in the past few years. Kummer starts with the standard screed against high fructose corn syrup (unlike sugar, it doesn’t suppress the hormone that controls appetite, and it is more readily converted to fat by the liver, to start). Cue the hand wringing about the obesity epidemic. Honest Tea makes its drinks with real sugar (imagine!) and not too much of it at that.

Some schools are starting to offer Honest Tea in their vending machines as part of a broader push to slim down students (see ya, Coke). That’s great, but what I really like is that Kummer admits that one cannot live on water – the healthiest option one supposes – alone. “However good it may be for health,” he says, “it doesn’t have that small amount of real sugar – and I know what it takes to get through a day.”

Fine by me, because de-cornified locavore agitating health freaks shouldn’t be painted as bread and water monks. We just want to know what we’re getting.

One Responseto “Eat More Sugar (honestly)!”

  1. DairyQueen says:

    Hell no we’re not monks! (Or nuns.) In fact, lately I’ve been conducting an experiment to see if wine can supply all one’s hydration requirements — it’s what I like to wash my duck-liver mousse down with.