So . . Much . . . Meat

Do you have room in your freezer for 60, 160, or (egads!) 320 pounds of steer? I don’t, but I wish I did so that I could order half and whole cows from Morris Grassfed Beef. Works out to about $6 a pound, which is a pretty good deal once you splash out for that coffin freezer. Delivery is two days from now, but alas, you had to order by the end of April to reserve your totally gargantuan quantities of yummy pastured all-grass beef. Maybe next year.

3 Responsesto “So . . Much . . . Meat”

  1. Dairy Queen says:

    I’ll go in with you! Come on, we can blog the excitement of what to do with the organs and the tongue and that stuff. We should be brave and do this. What all do you have in your freezer besides alcohol anyway, Miss Steak?

  2. patrick says:

    Hey, chest freezers really are not that expensive. We got ours from Sears and they even delivered and installed it. Mostly you need room. You’ll love it! Though ours could not hold 320 lbs of steer. It did hold a quarter of a lamb nicely, along with all our other stuff.

  3. Man of La Muncha says:

    Splitting a lamb or cow among several households is a good way to go, not just because the meat takes a lot of space. It can be hard to chow through 320 lbs of cow before freezer burn sets in.