Small But Potent

Potent Strawberry

When I unpacked our first CSA box, I wondered if there was some trend toward erotic foods among CSA producers. I took our two pints of strawberries from the box and out popped a tiny strawberry that looked so well-endowed that it was forced to rest on its behind, its upper torso obscured by its member.

"Are we going to turn to pornographic fruits and vegetables now?" asks the Butter Bitch, looking over my shoulder as I write.  Berries
"I don't think people should complain about food porn," I reply, thinking of an attempt a few years ago to classify food lovers as purveyors of food porn. Now they call such  people food police. We at Ethicurean prefer Food Detectives and a good meal.

I show Butter Bitch the demure photo I plan to post on the website.

"At least it's not perfectly polished," she admits.

"But it is glistening."

Most consumers are familiar with the golf ball-sized, conventionally grown strawberries that are very tart and need to be drowned in sugar. Native strawberries in northern climates are smaller and have an intense flavor that is, yes, tart but also so sweet in its own right and quite pleasing. The first pint is turned into margaritas shortly after being unpacked, and the second pint is stored in the refrigerator for later.

BountifulOur box also contained a bounty of vegetables: baseball-sized radishes, green garlic, chard, beets, bok choy, and cilantro. We celebrate by cooking the vegetables left from our recent visit to the farmer's market, making room for our new haul in the process. We will repeat this cycle weekly, eating most of the vegetables between Tuesday's CSA  pick-up and Sunday's farmer's market, visiting the market for a few things to tide us over until the next box is brought home. In the third week, we will receive an entire flat of strawberries that will be turned into freezer jam and perhaps another batch of margaritas.

What became of our prodigious friend? Reader, I ate him.

2 Responsesto “Small But Potent”

  1. Dairy Queen says:

    I don't think that strawberry looks phallic at all. Silly Man. It's more, um, clitoric. Oops, there go all four of our readers! (sorry mom)

    What's freezer jam? is it related to toe jam?

  2. Man of La Muncha says:

    I had a really hard time getting a picture of the strawberry that showed its similarity to naughty bits. I see what you say about being clitoric, but it also looks like a penis resting on testicles (think uncircumcised).

    Freezer jam is made with fruit, sugar and pectin, mixed up, put into jars and stored in the freezer until ready for use. Making freezer jam requires less effort than the "typical" jam process, which requires boiling the jam mixture. I'll see if I can get the Butter Bitch to write about freezer jam and her poll of female relatives about whether or not freezer jam needs to be cooked.