Weekend Digest

Here are a few things we are reading this weekend, when we aren't ranting about poor refereeing in the World Cup and celebrating the adoption of the International Declaration of Human Rights.

The Boston Globe: Highly annoying article from a dietgeist skeptic, asking how much longer organic consumers will continue paying premiums once they realize organic produce is not any healthier for them -- personally (italics added) -- than the conventional kind.

The New York Times: The NY Times revels in the joys of picking your own fruit and meandering around Oregon. If you've never thought of going out to a farm or an orchard, read this article.

San Francisco Chronicle: Norway is building a global seed vault to house 3 million seeds in the event of global catastrophe. Storing duplicate seeds in the Svalbard vault is meant to offer a fail-safe system for the planet.

BBC: Britain's politicians argue about how to protect the environment. (Why don't ours?)

BBC: Vegetables and fruits are still good for you, and a varied diet of them helps protect against hardening of the arteries.

BBC: Russia's floating atomic power plant (yes, you read that right) probably isn't a good idea.

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