Blended love

smoothie I've fallen in love! I have fallen in love again ... with smoothies. Organic, homemade ones, to boot.

It wasn't love at first sight. No, it actually took a lot of time. Days. Months. OK, maybe years ... to get me to see that making a commitment wasn't really all that hard, in the end.

Let me start at the beginning. Six years ago I was in a relationship with a woman who turned me on ... to smoothies. SmoothieGrrl's concoctions were to die for. I was smitten. She made me delectable smoothies for breakfast, as a snack, to drink while we drove to Pt. Reyes. Then there was the time we were in Hawaii, and she brilliantly added fresh, locally grown (mostly) tropical fruits to our smoothies, like mango, pineapple*, papaya: yum! But eventually my relationship with SmoothieGrrl came to an end ... and so did my relationship with Smoothie.

For the next several months, my heart still broken, I couldn't go near Smoothie -- store-bought or homemade. Plus SmoothieGrrl was the one who had always made Smoothie. (It seemed to me to be rather a lot of work to get the blender out ... and all of those ingredients ... actually to have all that fruit around in the first place! And cleanup? Fuggedaboutit.) So over time, I forgot all about Smoothie. Until about six weeks ago.

That's when organic strawberries reappeared at the Grand Lake Farmers' Market. I brought baskets of them home with me and soon discovered that they got moldy within a day or two, which motivated me to eat them right away, or freeze them. And then I thought, what better way to enjoy a frozen strawberry than to add it to a blended marguerita, or ... a Smoothie.

After I got over that first mental hurdle, I took a chance and dusted off the blender.

I made my first Smoothie. She was amazing. And then I made my next one. Yum. Yummy. Yum. And then I started seeing her, I mean -- making -- Smoothies all the time: for breakfast, as a snack, on my way to Pt. Reyes with my new girlfriend -- no, now my partner. I'm a new woman! I can commit. And, yes, making a smoothie takes some effort: the cleanup can really suck (soak that blender and glass right away!) but today I can say I actually enjoy getting all of the ingredients out of the fridge and freezer and grabbing fresh organic fruit off the counter. I love squeezing the oranges and grinding the flax seeds, measuring out the wheat germ and protein powder, and pouring the soymilk. And adding in the fruit gathered from the farmer's market or purchased at Farmer (no, not Trader -- that's right) Joe's is so satisfying.

And voila! Smoothie is back in my life -- this time for good.

p.s. But what ever you do, don't take her for granted! Savor her. :)

Corn Maven's I Love Smoothie recipe
(just organic ingredients, no amounts; it's up to you to find your one true love)

bananas (fresh or frozen; frozen ones make the smoothie frothy.**)
berries (strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries, raspberries -- fresh or frozen)
juicer oranges (fresh, squeezed)
yogurt (I prefer Straus Family Creamery's or make your own)
flax seeds (buy them whole, freeze them, and then grind them in a coffee grinder before adding; I have an extra grinder just for doing this.)
protein powder
wheat germ (believe me, go easy on the amount)
soymilk or organic cow's milk
lime or lemon juice (fresh)

*More to come on "Why Pineapples Grow in Hawai'i No More."
**Break each banana into five sections before freezing. This makes things easier on your blender's blades. And they're almost like ice cubes.)

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