Tasty Bits

Here are a few tasty bits to start your weekend.

Topeka Capital-Journal (free registration required): Local Burger in Lawrence, Kansas serves fast food made with locally sourced organic ingredients.

Soil Association: The Soil Association has a roundup of recent studies on the effects of GMO foods on health, including links to studies by Monsanto. Among the effects on lab animals are allergic reactions, blood chemistry changes and serious abnormalities in liver, pancreas and testes functions. In GM plants, scientists have observed unexpected genetic and chemical changes across generations.

Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology: State legislatures are at odds with local and county initiatives to limit GM crops.

KSNW-TV via MSNBC: U.S. farmers facing worst wheat harvest in a decade, possibly in history, due only in part to drought conditions. Fertilizer and fuel costs are aggravating their situation. Although farmer’s can’t pass these costs to consumers, it is expected that the price of bread will rise anyway. From the article: They have no ability to pass [fertilizer and fuel] costs on to their customers…. The federal government will likely cut $4 billion that would give disaster aid to Kansas farmers.

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