Daily digest: Organic weenies, and the problem with food labels

ABC News: A poll says a majority of American consumers read food labels but don't change their buying habits based on the labels. It's an uphill battle.

Texas A&M AgNews: An article about the increasing consumer demand for grassfed beef, as well as the challenges of creating a USDA standard on which both producers and consumers can agree.

New York Times (free subscription required): Organic and/or grassfed hotdogs finally look and taste like their juicy, cheap-o street/stadium equivalents, thanks to "a magic solution of celery juice, lactic acid and sea salt" instead of sodium nitrates or the more common sodium nitrites for color, texture, and shelf life.

Washington Times: Sooke Harbour House restaurant on Vancouver Island, owned by visionary proprieters Sinclair and Fredrique Philips, offers local, regional food. Sinclair Philips, known as "His Slowliness," is also the Canadian rep for the Slow Food Movement.

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