Digest: Edible estates, morel hunters, more in the NYT

New York Times*: Transforming a sod-covered front lawn into an "edible estate" displeases neighbors and flouts American class conventions.

New York Times*: Epic feature about the fearless foragers of morel mushrooms — as fascinating as ''The Orchid Thief.''

New York Times Select**: Joe Nocera's column for the business section says the public John Mackey-Michael Pollan debate is ultimately good for Whole Foods' "values-driven" business. (Not a subscriber? Email Dairy Queen and she'll send you the article.)

Brandweek.com: Wal-Mart unveils aggressive marketing campaign for its organic offerings.

Grist magazine: Sustainable and vegetarian cuisine is on the rise in Las Vegas, of all places. But as the article asks, "How green can you get in the desert?"

CattleNetwork.com (via Dow Jones): Creekstone Farms Premium Beef wants a federal court to strike down USDA regulations forbidding private companies from voluntarily testing their cattle for mad-cow disease. Creekstone used to sell lots of beef to Japan and thinks it could do so again, if it could placate Japanese importers' fears of BSE.

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