Digest: Right-wing beefs and other news

The American Daily: The organic food movement has obviously reached critical mass — it's attracting right-wing gadflies like Dennis Avery, who in this column compares buying organic to driving a Humvee. "Both are wasting money and natural resources to gain snob appeal — with no other benefits," writes the director for Center for Global Food Issues. Hmm. Anyone else wonder whether Cargill and ADM fund that center? (Man of La Muncha notes: The CGFI was spanked by the Union of Concerned Scientists for promoting a misleading food label that implies sustainable production. The Union of Concerned Scientists also notes that--surprise!--the CGFI is funded by agribusiness and "opposes organic farming and efforts to reduce the use of medically important antibiotics in farm animals, while supporting the crowding of animals onto 'factory' farms.")

New York Times*: Good overview about why ranchers are not pleased with the proposed definitions behind the USDA's new "grass fed" label.

Boston Globe*: Adventures in local eating around New England, inspired by Locavore founder Jessica Prentice in the Bay Area. Prentice is quoted as saying that historically, diets have always varied based on geography and climate, bot now people have lost the connection to land, to food, and to the people who grow it. Buying local, seasonal foods is one way to help restore those relationships.

Beacon Journal: Grass-fed beef is gaining in popularity in Ohio.

The Florida Ledger: Two countries, two approaches to mad cows. The Japanese have set additional requirements for beef imported from the United States; meanwhile, the USDA calls for sharply reduced inspections for beef sold here.

CBS2.com: Judge upholds legality of sale of South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Sigh.

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