Digest: Toxin-free tilapia, sexy food fashion statements, plus irradiated pineapple for the people

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: A Seattle-based firm is marketing what it calls toxin-free tilapia grown in fresh water ponds in China. The upside of their approach is that they place fewer fish in the ponds, so the fish are healthier and don't require antibiotics. (Stress from crowding weakens animal immune systems, requiring the use of antibiotics.) Tilapia are herbivores, which eliminates the need for fish meal. The fish farms are in Hainan Province, an island in the South China Sea. The firm is seeking organic certification from the U.S. The downside of their approach is that there is no U.S. organization that certifies fish are toxin-free. However, China's equivalent to the USDA has certified that the fish are toxin-free. (Man of La Muncha notes: I'm still a little skeptical about the toxin-free status, for reasons previously noted about the state of China's food certification, but I think that their approach is very interesting and worth further examination.)

Straight.com (Vancouver): A MUST-READ article about an organic/food fashion contest, containing the oh-so-tasty sentence, "Her two-piece ensemble, titled Corn Well Worn, very much looks like an ear of corn but in a totally hot way." Don't miss the photo of the Salad Dress.

New York Times*: A polar researcher clarifies what he did and did not say about temperature decreases on continental Antarctica, and points to new computer models indicating that, as the atmospheric ozone hole heals, Antarctic temperatures may rise with the rest of the planet.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin: Hawaiian fruit growers are unhappy about a USDA proposal to allow in irradiated pineapple and other tropical fruits from Thailand.

Zaman Online (Turkey): U.S. Chamber of Commerce visiting speaker tells Turkey to forget textiles, the import money is in organic food. (DQ says: Uh, shouldn't we be encouraging some of that at home?

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2 Responsesto “Digest: Toxin-free tilapia, sexy food fashion statements, plus irradiated pineapple for the people”

  1. donna says:

    Why would I want to eat fish from China? That's hardly sustainable...

  2. Corn Maven says:

    I agree with you fish from China's not sustainable. But sharing news is.