Digest: Misleading labels, organic dairies rise like cream, the ethanol-cow connection, and more

New York Times*: Another look at the dilution of the “organic” label and some of the misleading terms applied to foods.

MLive.com: Michigan expects an increase in organic dairies from 10% to 20% of the state’s total dairies and a number of Northeastern states are seeing a similar increase in organic dairies. The switch is partly due to issues with federal milk policy and the demise of a price support system.

Chicago Tribune: The Tribune looks at Chicago manufacturers who have gone organic, and highlights companies that are against dilution of organic standards.

Des Moines Register: Iowa is “poised to make a comeback as a major beef-producing state” if farmers use ethanol’s bi-product — DDG, or “distillers dried grain,” which is what remains after starch is removed from corn when making ethanol — to feed cattle. (Corn Maven says: I thought, or was hoping, anyway, that corn-fed beef was becoming a thing of the past.)

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