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emiliopepper.jpgEmilio, an intern from Argentina who helped Chickenman on the farm for ten days, has written a post on his blog about the experience. A very thoughtful, moving account of life on the Food You Can Trust farm. Here is an excerpt:

I had not realized to what extent i am what i eat. Food affects my moods, my ability to think and feel. Food stresses me or relaxes me. If i eat a chicken that spent its entire eight weeks life in a cage full of its own shit, with its beak trimmed so that it wouldn’t kill itself, completely stressed out, i get stressed out. If i drink milk that has been heated up way beyond boiling point to kill everything that’s alive in it, and strained through capilars to disintegrate whatever was left, i get nothing from it, and therefore i keep being nothing. I am a slave to the food i eat, i can’t keep it from affecting me. Knowing this, shouldn’t i use it in my favor? i eat food from free, full, natural sources, and i get some of all that in me. It will not save my soul, but it is something else that stops acting against my aim and starts acting towards it.

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