“I’ll bet babies taste like veal”

One of the really fun things about starting this blog is meeting — or discovering in cyberspace — all the other people who are thinking hard about the ethics of their food, as well as devoting more time and attention to buying and cooking it. And as our number of readers continues to grow (thanks, BoingBoing!), this conversation gets more animated and interesting, just like at our favorite dinner parties.

When checking out who was linking to us, I ran across this thoughtful reply to Omniwhore’s “Would You, Could You, Anywhere” post, over at This ain’t livin’. This Fort Bragg, CA, blogger grew up on a farm with pigs named Breakfast and Dinner. He/she has:

swung an axe and killed something, and I’ve also shot a gun and killed something. I’ve participated in butchery from start to finish. I’ve plucked and skinned and handled steaming entrails, and I’ve eaten some delicious meals. So I feel like I’m talking from pretty confident ground when I state my opinion here.

It’s an opinion well worth reading.

3 Responsesto ““I’ll bet babies taste like veal””

  1. La La Linda says:

    I linked, I read, I liked. Very thoughtful, fulsome, forgiving, realistic, honest, hopeful in that back to (thank you, Al Gore) for some things you gotta just take “personal responsibility.”

  2. meloukhia says:

    Thank you so much for linking me!

    I love reading all the posts on Ethicurean because they’re so thought provoking, wonderful, and excellent.

    (By the way: I won in the great goose battle. And damn did that goose taste good with orange sauce.)

  3. Man of La Muncha says:

    Goose? Orange sauce? I want a recipe.