Calling all Californians to raise their voice


If you care, like I do, that local control of our seed and plant heritage is maintained and not given away to support corporate self interest, please consider contacting your local state Senator and House Assembly members and request that they oppose the California Preemption Bill (SB 1056). Contact them on Tuesday, August 8th — California’s Statewide Day of Action.

An excerpt:

On June 28th, 2006, despite thousands of letters in opposition, the Assembly Agriculture committee voted unanimously in favor of SB1056, the California preemption bill that takes away local government authority over seeds. If this bill passes into law, it will override future restrictions on genetically engineered crops and seeds, as well as all other local regulation of seeds. Since the bill passed through committee, it will now head for a full Assembly floor vote — this is our chance to stop the bill in the Assembly!

Please see here for more information and to take action. Also, see what’s at stake.

A Preemptive Toolkit was designed to help citizens fight the biotech industry’s intention to strip county and city laws across America regulating seeds.

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