Digest: Omega acids, HFCS, GM grass escapes and more

Must Reads:

The Seattle Times: A good overview of flax, a source of omega-3 fatty acids (fish and grass-fed beef are other sources), and the health benefits of omega-3 acids.

San Francisco Chronicle: The UCSF researcher we linked to earlier this week is on a tear about high fructose corn syrup — not only does eating large amounts of it trigger the body’s starvation response, he says, but people can’t be blamed for eating more and more of it.

The Seattle Times: Westerners eat a diet that is too high in omega-6 fatty acids and need to increase omega-3 fatty acids to balance their omegas.

New Scientist: GM grass has escaped from golf courses into the wild, where it could cross-breed with cousin species. The GM grass is bred to resist pesticides such as Roundup, which could lead to difficult to control grass species. The article doesn’t mention how this strain would affect the classification of organic grass-fed livestock if they were to eat the grass, but does talk about the threat to Oregon’s grass seed industry.

Oakland Trib at InsideBayArea.com: On the list of 10 things you can do to reduce emissions and slow global warming, buying organic & local is No. 1.

Lighter Fare:

New York Times*: A Japanese-American organic farmer talks about how hard his family has worked for the peaches and grapes they now grow.

The Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine: A review of beef and pork to be bought from three sources at Seattle farmers markets. The page includes a link to an interesting recipe, “Ants on a Tree.”

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