Let’s speak on behalf of the cows, shall we?

trough_many_cows.jpgTell me, do boycotts still work today in America? For dairy cows everywhere, I hope so.

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is co-leading the fight to boycott the two largest "organic" dairies in the country -- Horizon Organic and Aurora Organic Dairy -- until they stop using factory-farm treatment of their cows, which is in direct violation of the term "organic."

Wisconsin-based Cornucopia Institute created a scorecard of several U.S. dairies across the country; both Aurora and Horizon, which is owned by Dean Foods, rated just one "cow" out of five. They are accused of using current loopholes within the "organics" label.

While it may be true that the cows are not fed pesticides nor given antibiotics, they are often contained for long periods of time in cramped feedlots, not out roaming the vast pasturelands surrounding these farms -- which was required for Horizon and Aurora to gain "organic" certification in the first place.

Cornucopia's site also has a disturbing photo gallery of dairy conditions at some of these farms (which is where the above photo was found) -- as well as a series of photos taken at "ecologically-managed" organic farms. The contrast is striking.

Here's the call to action: add your voice by participating in the boycott yourself and send a letter to the CEOs of these dairies, informing them that you will boycott their products (if you currently buy them) until they choose to follow the spirit of what organics is all about.

Then ask your local grocer(s) to join the boycott as well.

After all, the cows can't speak up for themselves, now can they?

2 Responsesto “Let’s speak on behalf of the cows, shall we?”

  1. donna says:

    OK, no more Horizon for me...

    I like Organic Valley anyway, especially their lactose free...

  2. Mary Alice says:

    I'm so disappointed. I love Horizon cottage cheese and was thrilled to find it close to home. Now I'll look for something REALLY organic. Thanks for the update!