What else we’re reading

Toronto Star: A funny semi-review mocking the machismo in Bill Buford’s new book Heat. Concludes with some crowd-pleasing points about a “quiet revolution” and a “paradigm shift” toward “a love of food in its purest, unrefined, unbleached, un-prepackaged, locally grown, ethically responsible way.”

New York Times: Sometimes eating locally ain’t such a great idea, such as when you’re pulling mercury-laden fish out of the Hudson River for your family.

Breadandmoney.com: Q&A with a former McDonald’s manager who lost a lot of weight by giving up sodas and concentrating on real foods. This website is the brainchild of two formerly obese people who kicked their processed-food habits and then, of course, wrote a book about it, as well as a blog, The Free Radical — interesting to read for its mainstream, non-foodie perspective.

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