Strike up the bans: GMO rice, U. S. beef, and foie gras

BBC News: Despite assurances from U.S. agriculture secretary Mike Johann that genetically-modified rice, LLRICE 601, is safe for consumers, Japan bans U.S. long-grain rice imports.

BBC News: Greenpeace also reveals that Bt-GM rice was sold illegally in China, causing speculation that the government is experimenting on its own people. (Also, see where GM crops are grown around the world.)

Dominican Today: Greenpeace calls for global ban on U.S. rice.

Agriculture Online: Korea joins ban as well. [Corn Maven asks, "Where's the U.S. outrage?"]

Chicago Tribune: The Trib takes a look at Horizon's and Aurora Organic's dubious dairy practices.

Cattle Network (via Dow Jones): U.S. wants China to lift its ban on U.S. beef, but doesn't want to agree to its restrictions.

Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago's foie gras ban goes into effect today. The mayor and restaurants are not happy.

Grist Magazine: Charles Shaw profiles two philosophers, who agree that industrial civilization is not sustainable but differ on whether it should survive.

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