Digest: Sci-fi steak, free BioWillie, food traditions

Popular Science: An Austin-based firm will take the tastiest cut of beef from a cow and clone it, so everyone will get the same tasty cut. In Phase Two, the cow will come to your table and ask which cut you would like. (With apologies to Douglas Adams.)

NPR: Listen (or read along) as the Kitchen Sisters pay a visit to Carl's Corner, a truck stop outside of Dallas where Kinky Friedman was campaigning and truckers were getting tanked on BioWillie — the vegetable-oil fuel named after biodiesel evangelist Willie Nelson.

News Leader: What lost traditions around food in the Shenandoah Valley tell us about the health of communities — eating in the car doesn't bring neighbors closer together.

NPR: Talk of the Nation's Science Friday discusses eating locally and the impact of your food's travels on the environment.

Oakland Tribune: More on those happy-meat hot dogs everyone's getting so excited about.

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