Digest: Small-ag in Placer County, Mad Sheep, finding healthy restaurants (sorta)

San Francisco Chronicle: Long feature about how in the last decade, 65-year-old Joanne Neft has more or less single-handedly revitalized small-farm agriculture in Placer County (from just outside of Sacramento to north Lake Tahoe) — by changing the shopping and eating habits of the entire region.

The Times-Argus: A new book, "Mad Sheep," tells the outrageous story of how five years ago, the USDA forcibly removed a Vermont couple's 125 sheep because of suspected TSE, a condition related to mad cow disease. No TSE was found, and the sheep were all destroyed — along with the couple's dream of sheep farming and producing artisanal sheep-milk cheese.

AP/Seattle P-I: The National Restaurant Association is responding to criticism that restaurants server oversize, low nutrition meals by building a web site where people can search for healthy meals and restaurants. Searching in the Seattle area returned Arby's and listed their Super Roast Beef Sandwich as a healthy dish.

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