Capsicum lately


I snagged these gorgeous peppers from Scott Arbor Farm, a family farm located in Seguin, about 50 miles south of Austin. I always make a beeline to their stand at the downtown Austin Farmer’s Market. According to their website, they have been farming organically at the same location for 32 years. They were organic when organic wasn’t even cool!

I usually buy several different kinds of peppers, some tomatoes if they’re available (I try not to elbow old ladies out of the way), okra, and the delectable summer spinach. I admit that a big part of the reason I buy the peppers is because they are so damn attractive, although they taste excellent as well. Chocolate peppers, red, yellow, and green bell peppers, poblanos, serranos — you name it.

This week, I decided to start storing food for the post-harvest season. I roasted most of the red bell peppers on the grill to freeze for later. I have a roasted pepper goat cheese lasagna that I like to make, and I want to have the ingredients available easily. A big part of Ethicurean eating is planning ahead, so I’m making marinara sauces from scratch, cutting up or roasting peppers, onions and tomatoes — and storing them in the freezer. I’m cooking whole chickens and freezing the meat for sandwiches, pot pies, casseroles. I have pesto out the wazoo — homemade and frozen in ice cube trays, then dumped into a handy little ziplock bag.

I realize now that I have to process my own food, or someone else will do it for me. And they’re going to put a whole bunch of crap in it.

I can’t wait to start planning for this next harvest season. My friend Tonya says you can pick your own blueberries in Austin, and it’s like four bucks for a big bucket of them. I found a site that lets Texans (and other states, just click on yours) know where they can pick their own berries, peaches, figs, etc. Of course, we Texans have to wait until around April, provided we get enough rain to kick this drought’s ass. Which we will. Or I will write a very strongly-worded letter to whoever is in charge.

3 Responsesto “Capsicum lately”

  1. Potato non Grata says:

    Nice photography Om—and the punography is not half-bad either.
    Or… I mean: half-good?

  2. Omniwhore says:

    Thanks PNG — that means a lot to me, coming from you!

    Of course, everyone else is afraid to compliment me on my puns. They think it will just encourage me to make more. They don’t understand that punning is its own reward.

  3. Man of La Muncha says:

    The “pick your own” site also has links for several countries: UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and South Africa.