Digest: School breakfasts, state of the earth, and no more Chenel chèvre

Grist magazine: Tom Philpott gets cranky over school lunches, where the new “hot opportunity” as defined by the Wall Street Journal lies in selling processed crap to schoolkids for breakfast. Philpott, who is fast becoming our favorite reality-based ranter, says that the USDA’s lunch program has been “terribly successful, if your goal is to create a society of people who don’t know how to cook, struggle endlessly with weight issues, and rely on a robust pharmaceutical industry to ameliorate their various health complaints.”

E/The Environmental Magazine: A comprehensive cover-feature package about the virtues of dirt, and all the short-sighted things we’re doing to it, such as erosion, over-fertilizing, bad-news pesticides. Sidebars on deserts, toxic sludge, soil science.

San Francisco Chronicle: California pioneer cheesemaker Laura Chenel will no longer be personally making her chèvre, having sold her dairy to Rians, a French family-run cheese company. [Man of La Muncha and Butter Bitch scream all the way from Seattle: "NOOOOOOOO!!!"]

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