USDA’s proposed “grass-fed, my ass” label

msf_cowswim1656.jpgSo, looks like I was wrong that that AP story had nothing new about the USDA’s proposed grass-fed label. As Tom Philpott reports over at, the agency — which he points out is headed by a star-studded roster of “food-industry shills” — has indicated it thinks it’s perfectly OK for the “grass-fed” label to cover confined cows fed hay and leftover corn stalks.

Philpott spots a quote that I missed:

“With the geographic diversity found in the U.S., a farmer or rancher in Minnesota is going to have a little bit different grass-fed scheme than, say, one that’s located in Alabama, in the South where year-round grazing is available,” Sessions said. “What we tried to do with this grass-fed claim is make it where anyone in the U.S. that wanted to make this claim could,” he said.

“Claim”? It’s a government label! That is supposed to have some truth behind it! Grass-fed should mean pastured, home-on-the-range Bossy, like the ones at Marin Sun Farms, above.

I’m starting to see why lots of farmers and ranchers are libertarians.

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