Digest: Wal-Martization, grass-fed ally, Yalies go organic

PopMatters: A thoughtful essay about Wal-Mart’s potential effect on the ideology of the organic movement, asking whether a company so fixated on price at the expense of every other economic “externality” will harm a movement that is all about considering externalities (animal suffering, land stewardship, food miles) and the willingness to pay more to ameliorate them. The first comment, from an angry organic farmer, indicates this may spark a heated discussion.

MSNBC.com: Today food editor Phil Lempert weighs in on the USDA’s dilution of the proposed grass-fed label, saying “for USDA to change the definition to allow other producers to qualify for the label is downright unfair — to the current producers and the shoppers who buy the product.”

Yale Herald: Yale Sustainable Food Project meals are now available at all the university’s dining halls, not just Berkeley College (as this Yale Daily News story crows). But sourcing food locally in Connecticut is not so easy — despite how excited students are about it.

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