Tainted bagged spinach

The AP, NPR, and many other news outlets are reporting on recent E. Coli outbreaks that have been traced to bagged spinach.

The outbreak has been linked to food-borne illnesses in multiple states and one death. The FDA has issued a warning to all states. It is unknown how widely the infected, bagged spinach has been shipped. FDA authorities recommend that anyone who has recently purchased bagged spinach should throw it out.

2 Responsesto “Tainted bagged spinach”

  1. Butter Bitch says:

    I heard that the Canadian government is suggesting to their citizens that they not buy spinach from the United States.

  2. Corn Maven says:

    If the bagged spinach came from Trader Joe's, you can take it back for full reimbursement.

    Btw last night Peach and I observed that four of five specials at a local Chinese restaurant on College had spinach as an ingredient... guess they didn't get the memo. :)