We’re in the Chron’s food section!

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Carol Ness has a thorough, in-depth look at alternative meat-buying in the Bay Area, in which The Ethicurean gets a mention as “a new Web site for conscious eaters.” A number of families are going out of their way to purchase half- and quarter steers direct from local ranchers, along with pork, lamb, and chicken when available. Ness, who just won a 2006 Association of Food Journalists Award for food reporting, writes that:

The phenomenon represents a convergence of recent food trends, especially the rise of grass-fed beef as a healthier, more environmentally sustainable and humane alternative to the big feedlot operations, and the move toward buying from local food producers.

Alas, although she interviewed our Man of La Muncha, she elected not to write about meat CSAs in Seattle in detail, concentrating on the local aspects of this phenomenon instead — and quoting me about wanting to get enough friends together to form our own mixed-meat subscription service.

So, here goes. Want to pick up several pounds of grassfed, pastured, humanely raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free, better-for-the-planet beef, pork, and lamb once or twice a month in the Bay Area? Let’s figure out how we can do that, together. E-mail me at dair...@ethicurean.com.

5 Responsesto “We’re in the Chron’s food section!”

  1. SPM says:

    DQ, Count me in on helping to create an alternative meat CSA in Oakland/Berkeley! (My freezer is small, but my intentions are large.)

  2. DairyQueen says:

    More than 30 people have e-mailed me so far about it — I’m pretty sure we’re going to be able to get this off the ground. Or should I say, the grass.

    By the way, if this works the way I want it to, then we wouldn’t have to freeze much at all.

  3. That’s awesome that your meat CSA is coming to fruition – good luck! PS – Once you have the details, I’d be happy to post the info on G&G (www.growersandgrocers.net), if you need more subscribers.

  4. I would love to be able to supply you with our own grass fed, grass finished – Organically and Humanely raised Beef, Lamb and Pork but we are on the East Coast. So if you know of people that are interested, please pass on our information!


  5. DairyQueen says:

    Hi Kassandra: I enjoyed checking out your site, and if I were on the East Coast, I’d for sure be in touch. I see you’re listed in the Eat Well Guide, which is great, but I’d also get your farm listed on Eatwild.com’s suppliers page (there’s an additional listing page for farms who ship). Keep raising the good meat!