Digest: 28-Hour Law, dairy damage, Cook’s cook on cafeterias

Des Moines Register: The USDA has agreed to apply the 28-Hour Law, a regulation originally written for trains that transported livestock, to today's trucking industry. Livestock must now be unloaded every 28 hours during shipment and given feed, water, and rest. We first wrote about this in July; the agency was under pressure from the Humane Society after 150 pigs died in Texas en route to Mexico. It's a step in the right direction — but it doesn't apply to poultry.

Business Week: No E. coli has been found in Organic Pastures Dairy's raw-milk products, yet the quarantine is still in effect on its products. Owner Mark McAfee is threatening a $100 million lawsuit against the state for harming his brand and reputation.

U.S. News & World Report: Chris Kimball, founder and editor of Cook's Illustrated, has joined the fight to improve school lunches. [DQ scolds: Now if only he'd write about grass-fed meat — or the industrial meat system at all — in Cook's.]

The Motley Fool: Why Whole Foods' growth continues to surprise business pundits.

OnMilwaukee.com: Whole Foods is opening in Milwaukee, but local co-ops and natural food stores are actually welcoming the competition.

USA Today: More prospective students are choosing colleges based on their SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) food offerings.

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