Food You Can Trust’s family friendly farm tour!

hpim3221.jpgFolks in Austin are cordially invited to a tour of the Food You Can Trust farm. Meet Chickenman, Chickenwoman, Elsa the Tour Guide and Baby John, and get some eggs and milk, and some grass-fed beef as well. If you’ve been reading about Ethicurean hero Chickenman and his farm, then you know how lucky we are in Austin to have this True Food provider in our community. And who knows, you may just see me, Omniwhore, walking around in overalls and a cowboy hat, trying to look cool. More information from Chickenman:

This coming weekend, on Saturday October 7th, the harvest moon, will be our open farm day for tours and, well, whatever you want to do with your family, between 3pm and sunset. Come by for a custom fit farm tour by Elsa or myself for your family or group.

Who is your family, your community? We hope to see people from our email list, from Elsa’s school, from the organic farming community, permaculture, Weston Price, Etc., etc. We have friends in main areas, and here is a chance to meet and greet everyone! If you want to bring potluck for your group, or have some other interest please call me, (512) 451-4121, and let me know how many people and when so I can have the farm ready for your outing. Come claim your community farm!


Photo of Omni and Miss Elsa by E. Ho 

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