Culinary camera courtesy

Ever snap a picture in a restaurant and wonder if the management would kick you out, or, no less surprising, have the waiterbrewers-art.JPG veer away so as not to disturb the moment? I've yet to be kicked out of a restaurant for obnoxious behavior - the staff at Stumbling Goat didn't even flinch when Omniwhore and I compared oversize tongues, while Potato Non Grata took pictures - but I always feel uneasy if I take notes or pull out a camera. I imagine that the staff thinks we are freaks, culinary thieves, restaurant reviewers, or really big freaks.
Wednesday's SF Chronicle has a story that explores the attitudes of various restaurateurs toward people who photograph their meals. Some restaurants welcome the exposure, while others disdain flashes and disruptive behavior.

The article ends with a number of rules for foodie photographers. Overall, the rules comprise good tips and polite behavior. At Brewers Art, we lucked out by sitting in a well-lit corner. ASA 800 and 1/60th shutter speed was sufficient for my purposes, without requiring a flash.

I agree with the guideline to avoid flashes, out of politeness and practicality. The last thing I want is to be blinded by someone's flash while holding a fork and steak knife, and I love the faded quality of pictures taken in low light.

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