Digest: Hog bust, Fox in the organic henhouse, Mason Q&A

The HooK (VA): Cover story about how USDA officials came onto a Christian couple's 153-acre farm in remote Virginia, quarantined it, and killed 79 of their pigs with shotguns because they suspected they had pseudorabies, a highly contagious swine infection not dangerous to people -- and that doesn't make the meat unsafe. Here's the catch, though: the couple were operating a wild-boar hunting game preserve. Reading it will give your brain a good ethical workout.

FoxNews blog: Steven Milloy, Fox columnist and publisher of JunkScience.com and CSRWatch.com, is pretending to have a problem with how Farm Aid teamed up with Horizon Organic as a sponsor. He even quotes organic advocates' criticism of Horizon practices. But before you get strange-bedfellows' whiplash, Milloy reveals his true agenda: debunking organic's health claims with his own junk science. Milloy belongs with fellow Agrowhores Alex Avery and David Martusko: read SourceWatch's profile of Milloy here.

U. of Wisc. Advance Titan: Q&A on ethical meat eating with Jim Mason, coauthor with Peter Singer of The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter.

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