Around the blogosphere: Sewage sowing, Simon says, Dagoba interview

Our news larder is rather empty today, but others in the food blogosphere have plenty to go around. Rather than poach off their plates, we’re linking to them.

The Accidental Hedonist: Kate Hopkins does some digging into the latest E. coli outbreak, in lettuce, and finds that Monterey County has been irrigating acres of edible food crops with “tertiary treated sewage effluent water” since at least 1998.

Big Food Watch: Michele Simon, director of the Center for Informed Food Choices, recently started a must-read blog. Her first few posts cover New York City’s trans fat debate, McDonald’s sexy ad campaign for China, and school junk food. Simon, a public health lawyer specializing in nutrition policy and food industry tactics, is the author of “Appetite for Profit.” A 4,000-word interview with Frederick Schilling of Dagoba Organic Chocolate. [Via Mighty Foods]

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