Digest: NY Times on the SOLE train, fish story, Gates goes with industry insiders

The Gray Lady is chock full o’ Ethicurean items this week. Check it out:

San Francisco Chronicle: National Academy of Sciences researchers have come out with a massive report advising the government on how to recommend and educate consumers about how much and which fish to eat.

Seattle Times: Guess who’s joining the Gates Foundation team? A World Bank v.p., a genetic engineer from Monsanto, and a former ceo of a $100 million cattle-breeding company. The foundation says, it “intends to pursue any options that could help to reach its goal of increasing agricultural productivity in poor countries.” [Corn Maven: Goddess help us... from those with too much money and little wisdom.]

Ruhlman.com: Committed carnivore and chef-blogger Michael Ruhlman reads Peter Singer’s new book — and finds himself shaken. (Hat tip to Jamie)

CBS News/Christian Science Monitor: The debate over whether milk that’s free of synthetic hormones is actually any healthier or safer.

RIA Novosti: A case of mad cow has been reported in Russia’s Baltic region.

ABC Local: A profile of Three Stone Hearth Community Kitchen, a new business in Berkeley that sells prepared food that’s both organic and “nutrient dense.”

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