Digest: Cloned meat debate, rice checks, green Frog, more

USA Today: Got an opinion on whether cloned animals should be declared safe for human consumption? How bout if they're unlabeled? Get thee over to USA Today, which has two reasonably well-argued pieces for and against, and join the lively discussion started in the comments section. Related: The Kansas City Star had an op-ed on the same subject.

Houston Chronicle (via AP): The E.U. has announced tests are mandatory for all imports of U.S. rice to check for genetically modified interlopers.

San Francisco Chronicle: Profile of Frog's Leap Winery, which grows grapes organically, dry farms, and runs on solar power. An industry insider tells us vintner John Williams prefers not to advertise the organic certification on the label because he thinks it will undercut the perception of quality.

Washington Post: Brief profile of Drew and Myra Goodman, the husband-and-wife produce team behind Natural Selection Foods, the epicenter of the E. coli spinach outbreak.

Courier-Journal (KY): Deciphering the labels of organic beauty products.

Marin Independent Journal: Several Bioneers conferences held around the nation, including one in San Rafael, CA, focused on environmental toxicity and new concepts in "green building." (Dairy Queen: I really wanted to attend, but couldn't. If anyone did and would like to guest-post about the food-related panels, please contact me.)

Gristmill: OK, it's not about food either, but this essay by Bill McKibben, due to be published by the NY Review of Books, is an amazing overview of just how close the planet is to ecological catastrophe, and what reasons there are for hope. Read it. Weep. Get up off the floor and resolve to make a difference.

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