Digest: Organic chains, Bioneers fun guy, from garbage to biogas

Grist: Fast food is going organic — or is the other way around? Either way, it's not as bad as we thought.

L.A. Weekly: Finally, an article that reports on Bioneers without tongue jammed mockingly in cheek. This one covers Paul Stamets, the "mushroom guy" — the world's premier mycologist, actually — who has 11 patents for mushroom-based technology, the latest of which could completely revolutionize the pesticide industry...if they'd stop fighting it.

San Francisco Chronicle: Tons of scraps from trendy Bay Area restaurants are being sent to a state-of-the-art digester at UC Davis, where the food waste will be transformed into valuable "biogas" — methane and hydrogen — and fertilizer.

Grist: Time for our weekly Victual Reality plug — Tom Philpott explains how ethanol demand is driving up corn prices, and how despite hopeful appearances, small farmers will likely end up stiffed once again while Archer Daniels Midland rakes in billions.

Stanford Daily: The Farm's finally going to live up to its nickname — a new student-run community farm will attempt to provide organic produce to dining halls around campus. (DQ: I can't belieev Berkeley students haven't come up with something like this themselves yet.)

BusinessWeek: Michigan's crackdown on three dairies selling raw-milk products is having a trickle-down effect on associated small businesses.

Palm Beach Post: Florida has a grapefruit glut, and wants the USDA to help by taking 5 million gallons of juice off its hands. (The USDA eases oversupplies of commodities by buying them for programs that serve schools, the elderly, Indian reservations, and the military.)

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