Ready, set, go Slow Food!

The Bay Area food scene is as deserted as New York in August. But instead of barbecues in the Hamptons, it’s slow food in Turin for those lucky enough to be attending Terra Madre 2006 and the Salone del Gusto, which both kicked off today.

Michael Pollan and Alice Waters are there, of course, along with Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini and everyone else we admire, talking about this year’s themes: strengthening the network of food communities, cooks, and universities; encouraging agriculture that respects the environment; and helping small-scale producers withstand crushing competition from industrial producers and find alternate distribution methods.

Jealous? We sure are. But we’re attempting to pick up scraps from the Terra Madre blog, using our pidgin Italian, and eagerly awaiting reports back from our lucky contacts at Fatted Calf, Clark Summit Farm, and the Chronicle who are whooping it up in person.

[Grazie Jack, per la promemoria]

One Responseto “Ready, set, go Slow Food!”

  1. Corn Maven says:

    Speaking of Alice, Michael, and Carlo, I recently discovered this webcast from 2003 featuring these three luminaries, plus Vandana Shiva (one of my personal sheroes who has said, “Organic farms are our zones of peace around the world.” Right on.), Wendell Berry (love him too), and Eric Schlosser (see this week’s blog on his book’s movie here).