Do the write thing: NaNoWriMo, meet NaNoBloPo

nablopomo_120x240.jpgIt's November 1. Last year, at this same time of night, I was more than 2,000 words into National Novel Writing Month, the fiction-writing marathon started by the inspiring Chris Baty. Almost 60,000 people signed up worldwide; only 1 out of 6 crossed the 50,000-word finish line on Nov. 30.

I was one of them, and it was seriously the proudest moment of my life. I am not known for my self-discipline.

Alas, I'm sitting this year out, while my coffee-chugging '05 crew cracks their knuckles and types like meth freaks. Why? Well, this piggy little blog demands a lot of care and feeding, among other things. Also my husband, the Potato Non Grata, said he'd lock me up if I added one more commitment to my life.

I was feeling kind of left out and sad about it, until my BFF DePeach Mode sent me a link to….NaBloPoMo!

National Blog Posting Month is the brainchild of a blogger named Fussy and involves committing to posting at least one entry per day. Hundreds of bloggers have signed the pledge. Now, it's kinda cheat-y for us to do it, because there are six of us, but what the hell, it makes me feel better. The Ethicurean is about to turn six months old, and we haven't missed a day since June 12. That's got to be worth a crappy first draft of a novel, right?

(Psst, NaNoWriMo-ers — count me in for '07!)

2 Responsesto “Do the write thing: NaNoWriMo, meet NaNoBloPo”

  1. meloukhia says:

    Hey, I commend you. I love blogs that post daily. So far I've gone almost a year with a post a day, which is something I'm immensely proud of with all the other stuff in my life. I'm not brave enough to do NaNoWriMo this year either...

    Oh, and I *so* had a bingo but nowhere to put it. It was devastating. We'll have to invite you over for the next Scrabble night.

  2. Tana says:

    I'm signed up, too, and am thinking of letting Logan blog.

    I had to design my own banner though: no way am I having a gun (it'll scare the pigs!) or a freakin' Yoda on my blog.