Digest: Beyond organic; eco-celebs; faster, Slow Food, faster!

The Independent (UK): Article by Wendy Fogarty of Slow Food UK says buying organic is only half the battle, and that while bashing "Big Organic" for what it's not is counterproductive, British consumers still need to get on board with local and seasonal.

Grist: Yolanda Crous's amusing report from the "green carpet" from the Environmental Media Awards has her interviewing eco-celebrities such as Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, "who seems to be a very serious, sincere guy when not bouncing around the stage with a sock on his hoo-ha." The Chilis, by the way, were one of the first bands to use Living Tree Paper in their CD covers.

Fresno Bee: How far has Slow Food come since the first Terra Madre in 2004? Some want this movement to move faster.

The Independent (UK): Terra Madre 2006 as told from the point of view of a London chef, Skye Gyngell.

Alameda Times Star: The six winners of Berkeley Sustainability awards include UC Berkeley's Cal Dining, which last year opened the first certified organic kitchen on an American college campus.

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