Passing the six-month marker

Ye Olde PiggyOur half-birthday was Nov. 9, but we forgot. Blog years are like dog years — six months seems like a long time, so we wanted to take stock.

Posts: 413

Traffic: From 475 visitors in May — probably all of them people who knew our real names — to being on track for 8,000+ in November. (We average 750 to 1,000 visitors daily.)

Reach: We’ve had visitors this month from 67 countries, including Christmas Island, Moldova, and Bhutan.

Some milestones: We started the news “digest” June 14, and a few weeks later it became a collaborative daily feature. In July Man of La Muncha’s “Everybody Must Get Doned” post got BoingBoing’ed and traffic soared. In August we redesigned the site, retiring our first piggy logo (above) in favor of the current look. In September the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned us in an story about alternative meat sourcing in the Bay Area; last month we mentioned ourselves in a pork exposé for the Chron.

A big thank-you to all you Ethicurean-minded eaters out there for reading, commenting, and sending us ideas. We’d love to hear what you like or dislike about the site, and what you want more of.

4 Responsesto “Passing the six-month marker”

  1. grocery goddess says:

    Congratulations Ethicurean team! Keep up the great writing as it makes for eye-opening reading. My favs are always your accounts of your personal ethicurean journeys and the entertaining and detailed reviews of restaurants and home-cooked meals (they always make me hungry… and challenge me to do more better in my own kitchen!). I was particularly impressed by Dairy Queen’s investigative Q&A with Michael Graves and would enjoy reading more of the type… unbiased, probing, and straight from the source.

    Thanks for your dedication to stimulating the ethicuriousity of 1000 of us every day.

  2. meloukhia says:

    Congratulations on your six monthaversary!

    I have to say, I would love to see more posts with what you guys are cooking. Winter is squash season…time for more suggestive produce shots!

  3. DairyQueen says:

    Cooking, eh? But we eat nothing but Lean Cuisines!


    Thanks for the feedback. We’ll try to provide more peeks into our kitchens and others’.

  4. Man of La Muncha says:

    Winter squash will feature prominently over the next few weeks. We have several pounds in storage, along with potatoes, onions, and garlic.