Digest: Local hero, tater hots, mad Japanese cow, corn winners & losers

Houston Chronicle: Columnist Neal Pierce urges readers to have a "100-Mile Thanksgiving" and explains once again to skeptical Texans why buying local makes sense on many levels.

New York Magazine: Highlighting what's available now at New York's Greenmarkets, this article made us want to try all the different varieties of potato.

AP/Seattle P-I: Japan has confirmed its 30th case of mad cow disease.

St. Louis Dispatch: It's a record harvest for corn and soybean farmers, who are revelling in ethanol-driven high prices for their crops. But is the market really telling them to plant more, or is this a speculative bubble?

Reuters: Bush has nominated Senate staffer and agricultural economist Mark Keenum to one of the USDA's top jobs, overseeing U.S. farm and export subsidies worth around $20 billion a year.

Financial Times*: The 800-pound protein producer Tyson is warning that ethanol-driven corn prices may push up the cost of conventional beef and chicken for U.S. consumers, and that Washington better recognize the competing claims of food vs. fuel when drawing up next year's farm bill.

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