“Ripe for Change” screening and discussion in Berkeley

ripeforchange.jpgThe debates raging in California over issues of food, agriculture, and sustainability have profound implications for all of America. The PBS documentary "Ripe for Change" explores the intersection of food and politics in California over the last 30 years and examines lots of tough questions, such as: What are the trade-offs between the ability to produce large quantities of food versus the health of workers, consumers, and the planet? What are the hidden costs of "inexpensive" food? How do we create sustainable agricultural practices?

UC Berkeley's student group Society for Agriculture and Food Ecology is hosting a screening on Monday, November 20, at 6 p.m. in the Warren Auditorium of the School of Public Health. UC Berkeley professors Miguel Altieri and Tyrone Hayes, who have both researched the disturbing ecological impacts of biotechnology and the industrial agriculture system, will lead a discussion with "Ripe for Change" director Emiko Omori following the screening.

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