Digest: Thanksgiving thanks, meat making, whale blubber salad

Grist: Tom Philpott explains why Thanksgiving can often suck, as "people not socialized to cook and eat together can be expected to bare their fangs when they're forced to do so." But it doesn't have to, and we should reclaim it.

New York Times: Peter Hoffman, owner and chef of Savoy, has a long op-ed about the ridiculousness of the USDA's crackdown on eons-old practices of meat curing.

Washington Post: Thanksgiving in Alaska means local delicacies such as reindeer stew, moose roast, stuffed moose heart and whale-blubber salad along with turkey. [Via Edible Nation]

Philadelphia Inquirer: A columnist revels in the fat tax that the marketplaces has imposed in the form of higher prices for corn, and thus grainfed meat and sweeteners.

Grist: Ask Umbra takes on the challenge of eating locally in New England in the winter.

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