Digest: SOLE salvation, Cooper on Nightline, Canook canards, organic hooch-y mamas

Grist: Tom Philpott and a friend try to cook a SOLE food dinner for $30 to prove that good food doesn't have to be elitist — and mostly fail. Instead, he outlines what sort of societal policies and changes would make doing so a lot easier.

ABC News: A look at the challenges faced by Berkeley School District's awesome, radical celebrity-chef-turned-lunch-lady, Ann Cooper, whose salary is paid by the Chez Panisse Foundation. Those who know of Cooper already should skip the story but watch the linked 10-minute Nightline video showing Cooper in action — along with students cringing over "nasty" veggie hot dogs.

Toronto Star: Canadian farmers are banding together to create a Toronto farmers market that will be open to actual farmers only. Apparently lots of current vendors are "produce jockeys" who buy veggies wholesale and don dirty overalls to pretend to be farmers selling their own wares. (!)

Ideal Bite: Ideal Bite's Tip of the Day on organic cocktails is timed right for the new Bond film. Just avoid what Robin Williams calls "the Episcopalian confession," aka overdoing it at family gatherings.

Slightly off-topic, but it's a slow news day, so ...

San Francisco magazine: Metrosexuals are so yesterday — whether your boyfriend's face scrub is organic is now more important than whether it's Kiehl's, according to this article about "ecosexuals" and their search for compatible mates. (File under "fake trends"; via Grist)

New York Times*: When it comes to drinking for two, there's no consensus on how much alcohol is OK for pregnant women.

New York Times*: New Orleans (Dairy Queen's adopted hometown) is no longer Big, but it's Easier than ever to find a bargain. The Crescent City's restaurants are open and need your business. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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