Digest: Organic Pastures epic, GM & heritage spuds, Slow Food UK

L.A. Times Magazine: A gripping, epic story about Organic Pastures dairy, the E. coli cases linked to its raw milk, and the family history of owner Mark McAfee, which goes a long way to explaining his defiance in the face of officials. [DQ says: Although we don't drink much milk, I've been shelling out the $8 for an Organic Pastures half-gallon ever since the outbreak to show my support; after reading this, I think I'll start springing for the butter, too.]

ThisIsLondon.co.uk: Field trials of genetically modified potatoes are set to go ahead in GM-opposed England, and observers are mad. However, the potatoes have been crossed with a wild, blight-resistant species of potato — not, say, with genes from a firefly — which seems less worrisome to us; however, it therefore makes no sense that officials say that there’s no danger of the GM potatoes cross-pollinating with indigenous ones.

Seattle P-I: A “heritage” potato called the Ozette is gaining favor in Seattle restaurants.

The Independent (UK): The Slow Food movement is at last opening a headquarters in England.

ABC News: Stonyfield Farm cofounder Gary Hirshberg and Sam Frommartz, author of “Organic, Inc.,” answer viewers’ (very basic) questions about organic food.

6 Responsesto “Digest: Organic Pastures epic, GM & heritage spuds, Slow Food UK”

  1. elliebelly says:

    The article on Mark McAfee is infuritating. They never did connect the dots and yet the article would terrify any non raw milk drinker. The author could certainly argue that he was being balanced….grrr! So slimy!

  2. elliebelly says:

    Read Katherine Czapp’s comment on David Gumpert’s site…she analyzes the article well, clearly expressing what I was trying to point out.

  3. Omniwhore says:

    Here’s the link to David Gumpert’s site for those interested.

  4. DairyQueen says:

    Huh. I didn’t think the article sounded terrifying to non-raw-milk drinkers at all. If anything, as someone who’s rather neutral on the subject (I have a hard time believing it can cure asthma, but I do believe lactose intolerant people can drink it more easily), I felt like I learned a lot of things that reassured me about drinking it. I also felt that it was not a good idea to give some of it to my 1-year-old cousin who was visiting, at least not without his parents’ consent.

    My main takeaway? I wish the amazing, bad-bacteria vanquishing properties of raw milk would be better documented. And if I ever come down with E. coli poisoning, I sure as hell am not going to let them give me antibiotics.

  5. elliebelly says:

    Yes, that is the only thing that is really certain, giving antibiotics before you know what you are dealing with is more dangerous than drinking the raw milk even if it did have the E.coli. But that fact is kind of buried and would problably be lost on someone unfamiliar with raw milk. Fear is the operative word here and even with all the explanation about Mark’s operation you are left at the end with the image of the enraged father focusing totally on the milk as cause when that has not been proven, but clearly the malpractice of the hospital has.

    And you’re right the article does make a good case for more study…but only to those who are not afraid of it to begin with

  6. Gordon Bell says:

    My life has been restored after 30 years and longer suffering from low energy. I was and still am absolutely amazed with the results of drinking Organic Raw Milk from Organic Pastures. I use it daily and now am able to live more like I might have in my youth.

    I strongly believe that the consumption of Pasteurized milk was a major culprit in my diminished energy because Raw Organic Milk is the one product I consume today that is absolutely electrifying in terms of energy and renewed strength. Imagine, after more than 30 years of deep suffering discovering that it was apparently due to the lack of Raw Milk!!!!!I am totally flabbergasted.

    I feel our government is betraying our trust in not working WITH versus AGAINST farms such as Organic Pastures to make Raw Milk the staple food of our nation. Our nation’s people with such vast illness and obesity would be dramatically enhanced if this product were introduced to them as it was to me.

    I JUST CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS FANTASTIC DISCOVERY and if you knew me, you too would be absolutely amazed at what it has done for my life!