Digest: Taco John’s turn, E. coli CSI, transgenes gone wild, biodiesel

Radio Iowa: Dozens of Iowans are sick in a new E. coli outbreak — but suspicion is falling on a Taco John's, not a Taco Bell. (And supposedly green onions are not implicated, according to additional info at the end of the NYT article below.)

New York Times*: How the Taco Bell E. coli case was cracked. Article hints at, but does not go so far as to state, that the two and a half weeks it took to shut down the contaminated Taco Bells was not exactly fast action by the FDA or the fast-food chain.

New York Times Magazine*: In a sign pointing to the level of food anxiety in this country, the Year in Ideas issue features an E. coli–detecting wipe.

Slow food-news day, so:

Salon.com**: In a How the World Works column ostensibly about genetically modified switchgrass as a biofuel source, Andrew Leonard has a good roundup of links pointing to the dangers of "Transgenes Gone Wild!"

L.A. Times: Hundreds of U.S. cities are fed up with federal inaction on climate change; this article looks in depth at what several smaller cities are doing to slash their energy consumption and reduce emissions.

Seattle Times: A look at the economics of biodiesel and whether pure biodiesel companies - not agrobiz giants nor small ventures like Seattle's Fuelwerks - can succeed. The article also looks at the plant sources of oils, which are raised through sometimes environmentally unfriendly methods.

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