Fingertip lickin’ good … fast-food court cases

nastyfood.jpgApologies to you who saw this on SlashFood already, but just in case someone — you know who you are — is tempted to backslide and pull into your favorite fast-food chain in the middle of holiday shopping, well, this oughta cure you.

Court TV did a little feature on the "10 Most Nauseating Stories About Bad Fast Food Meals," and it is grosser than bowlful o' boogers. Except that's one of the meals — nah, just kidding.

Among the things found in these hot-so-happy meals: a used condom (if it were wintergreen flavor, would it be a "condomint"?!), a hypodermic syringe, staples, ground glass, a finger, etc. Don't miss the slide show at the bottom for additional tales of fast-food horror. Have it your way!

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