Digest: Philpott busts biofuels, factory farming lawsuit, better butters

Grist: In today’s Victual Reality column, Tom Philpott delivers a blistering report on the state of the biofuel industry around the globe. Sugar-based ethanol is taking a devastating toll on India and Brazil, while corn-based ethanol is poised to do the same in the U.S. Even if you think you understand what’s at stake, read Philpott’s article — it’s way past time for a “blunt international debate on the wisdom of biofuel.”

U.S. Newswire: A press release about the start of what could indeed be a landmark trial, as animal-rights groups take on the state of New Jersey in order to get the courts to declare common factory farming practices as inhumane and illegal under New Jersey law.

San Francisco Chronicle: Going by the Butter Bitch’s last post, everyone’s got an opinion about butters. Reporter Carol Ness leads a taste test of “European-style” butters that reveals dramatic differences between baguette and baking uses. Alas, the Organic Valley butter we like was not part of the sample — although Straus Family Creamery was.

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