Digest: Soybean seeds, meat spoof, Big Ag girding for battle

New York Times: With trans fat bans going into effect, demand is surging for Monsanto's low-linolenic acid soybeans. The article, by the usually reliable Andrew Martin, fails to make clear whether these soybeans have been genetically modified or just selectively bred to be "low lin."

TheSpoof.com: Cloning around over the latest news from the FDA. Includes juicy — and fictitious — quotes like this one from Rosa DiLauro: "Given [the FDA's] inability to detect feces in prepared foods, I'm not so sure I trust them to evaluate the safety of genetically modified animals." There's a companion article about preparing such meat.

CattleNetwork.com: This list of seven "battlefields" that conventional meat and poultry suppliers ought to focus on next year includes cloning, "natural" meat, and sustainability...and offers a fascinating peek into the Big Ag psyche.

USA Today: A basic Q & A defines the FDA's party line on eating meat from cloned animals...but it also has directions on how to send your feedback to the FDA about its decision.

San Francisco Chronicle: Oh no! Manka's Inverness Lodge — a bastion of fine SOLE food in the Bay Area — has burned to the ground.

Marin Independent Journal: Organic farmer Jasmin Clower (affiliated somehow with Star Rout Farm?) was killed instantly when a tree fell onto her house.

New York Times: With friends like these for guests, who needs enemies? Tales of picky eaters who come to stay.

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  1. Marc says:

    Another peak into Big Ag came via the Cattle Network's "Top 10 News Stories in the Cattle Feeding Industry in 2006" a few weeks ago. Although "grass fed" gets a lot of hype in the SOLE blogosphere and media, grass feeding didn't make the top 10 for the Cattle Network. The word "grass" didn't even appear in the story summaries (link: http://www.cattlenetwork.com/content.asp?contentid=91165).