Digest: No fat for fuel, hamster germs, ARS soy, cattlemen on cloning

Gristmill: Just say no to CAFO diesel! Tom Philpott explains in brief why deriving biodiesel from chicken fat is a bad idea.

ABC News: The wires are afire with a report today in the New England Journal of Medicine that pet rodents could be the source of salmonella infections.

Science Daily: Who knew? Sometimes the USDA's Agricultural Research Service does something non-scary, like developing a non-transgenically modified soybean variety that improves recovery of nitrogen from manure.

Cattle Network: Report on a survey of cattlemen about the FDA's approval of cloned meat — 82% said they thought consumers will demand special labeling.

Common Ground: In an excerpt from her book "Appetite for Profit," Michelle Simon takes on whole grains in kids cereals and other instances of "nutriwashing."

The Tyee (Canada): Eating locally through the Vancouver winter, a lá the 100-Mile Dieters.

The Independent (UK): Highs and lows of a week of cooking from an organic vegetable box.

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